Ashley Chandra
Account Manager

Ashley Chandra is Ventuure’s Pre-Sales prospecting expert

Previously at global agency Ogilvy, Ashley has brought her expert knowledge of brand authority and messaging to support startups with complex B2B product to scale their sales activities globally. Ashley runs Ventuure’s Pre-Sales Platform, an intelligent prospecting SaaS offering that connects with client’s LinkedIn and email exchange to identify, connect and engage thousands of potential prospects.

Ashley has also worked with Ventuure’s strategic partners to develop connections with a wider range of venture capitalist funds across USA, EU and APAC.

“Startups get a serious advantage using Ventuure's Pre-Sales platform - the ability to target and connect with up to 2.5k potential leads is remarkable. The best bit is that it connects to a client's CRM to enhance the productivity of their sales teams.”
– Ashley Chandra

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