Ijam Day
Head of Web Deployments

Ijam Day is the driving force behind Ventuure’s website and server deployments, working directly with our client CISOs.

Prior to Ventuure, Ijam had a varied career working for tech giant Uber, establishing startup accelerators in London and running a successful digital agency across APAC. In his role as Head of Web Deployments, Ijam leads a team of developers and security experts to ensure that Ventuure’s global clients applications, websites and servers, are supported to the highest standards.

A master of preparation and planning, Ijam has established a fierce reputation for delivery and customer support ensuring rapid responses to client inquiries. He leads the company’s security practice to ensure that Ventuure is investing in the most up to date technology, workflows and best practice.

“The first thing we check when we meet a potential client is the security of their website. Founders have a million things to do and this is where we can have a massive effect on both the security of their digital estate but also their reputation.”
– Ijam Day

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