Vera Csengődi
Head of Project Management

Veronika leads Ventuure’s Global Project Management practice and divisional workflows.

Veronika is an expert in motivating teams to excel and deliver on time for clients. Building on a career designing and implementing corporate communication strategies and managing internal communications, Veronica leads Ventuure’s Project Management team across 10 time zones. Previously she was Product Owner for LABA, an online B2B corporate education and training platform, where she developed and ran 13 courses across business, and communication, delivering a record 350% ROI.

Veronika is a certified Scrum Master and combines her passion for agile methodology with people management to deliver results. She also heads up Ventuure’s Central Europe practice.

“My job is to bring internal resources, partners and client requirements together under one roof where we can manage delivery and have a positive effect on project risk. In short we get the project delivered on time and to specification.”
– Vera Csengődi

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