Vik Sharma
Head of Optimisation and Technology

Vik Sharma is Ventuure’s optimisation and technology guru.

With an extensive career in technology and financial services, Vik is expertly placed to lead Ventuure’s optimisation (SEO and on page) and technology team. In constant demand, Vik advises on competitor analysis, keyword research, SEO content creation and backlink building to deliver tangible results in Google & search engine rankings for both B2B and B2C startups.

Going beyond the standard offering of most digital agencies, Vik leads complex web migration projects with over 5,000 url re-directions to ensure seamless customer journeys as well as enhancing the authority of global website brands. Vik is also the principal consultant for major upgrades by startups to ensure the highest internal rate of return and scalability.

“We are constantly experimenting and testing Google's Search algorithm to get the absolute best for Ventuure's web projects”
– Vik Sharma

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